Marketing Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your customer experience by unlocking the potential of your marketing and sales data . Combination of business consultancy, unique marketing analytics and machine learning solutions built on Google Cloud.

Empowering a new level of intelligence by Pluto7’s Smart-Analytics platform.

We deliver AI-driven innovation through custom services and solutions. Our passion is to solve global-scale problems, leveraging Smart Analytics and AI in a simple way.


Smart Analytics is the Innovation and intelligence to fuel your business.

Each innovation journey is different. It doesn’t matter how complex yours is, we will meet you where you are.

Service Catalog

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    Integrated view of marketing data

    Gain a visibility across all marketing datasets by ingesting data from all custom data sources

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    Fully managed solutions

    Focus on analyzing the marketing data and not managing infrastructure

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    Jump-start marketing analytics

    Google's Open Architecture functions with your existing tools and solutions

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    Marketing Analytics

    Understand your customer journey better, across all channels while having a clear view of the future to personalise customer experience and campaigns

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    Build on an AI-ready foundation

    Build a marketing analytics solution on Google Cloud enables to take advantage of new choices to execute predictive analytics using ML at any step

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    Break your Marketing Data Silos

    Marketing ML unlocks the power of marketing data. It is time to break the data present in silos to gain real-time customer insights

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Transform your business by leveraging the power of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and IoT solutions.

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