Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and a science of designing and applying algorithms that improve automatically through experience and use of data. Improve the speed of decisions while reducing the cost of decision making with ML and AI.

Unleash the power of Machine Learning & AI

Pluto7 understands businesses who are looking to utilize machine learning and AI think through a broad spectrum: A few seeking transformation or competitive advantage, and the others simply want to build a data-driven future. 


Over the years, Pluto7 has helped large and small customers experience meaningful business impact through the implementation of Smart Analytics.


Pluto7’s Smart Analytics platform is completely powered with Machine Learning and AI framework.

Service Catalog

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    Document AI

    Unlock insights from your documents with machine learning. Extract structured data from unstructured documents

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    Contact Center AI

    Take your customer experience to the next level. Enable AI and virtual agents that interact, understand, and talk

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    Vision AI

    Leverage the power of AutoML to access insights from your images. Activate AI to understand text, detect emotion, and more

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    AI Infrastructure

    Build, optimize, and train machine learning models. Build an AI infrastructure in a scalable and cost-efficient way

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    Cloud AutoML

    Activate a powerful machine learning framework on GCP. We build high-quality models to power your innovation journey

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    ML Operations

    Our MLOps services were designed to make you ML models more intelligent. Automate model training and testing processes

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